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Authentic Snake Shed Jewelry

When you buy my snake shed jewelry, you’re not just getting a beautiful, one-of-a-kind ornamental treasure. You’re getting something that is literally part of our effort to help animals in need!

Every shed is carefully selected out of those we collect from the animals in our care and individually prepared for every setting. We work with species from all over the world, which is one of the things that makes every piece unique in pattern and color. Adding, by hand, a little color of my own to some of the settings makes each specimen an absolute exclusive presentation.

Custom Orders

I spend a lot of time coming up with combinations that I find beautiful and interesting, but I am always open to ideas, so feel free to ask me how I can work with you to make something even more YOU than something I have come up with on my own.

Either way, THANK YOU for stopping by! Take some time browsing the possibilities, and definitely let me know any thoughts, ideas, and what I can do to help compliment your personal style!


I am still putting this page together, so for now, contact me directly through my Facebook page to order!

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