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Why I Make This Jewelry

As you have probably already figured out, I have taken to offering my jewelry as a way to raise funds for Reptile Bliss. But some of you may not already be familiar with what Reptile Bliss actually does.

When I hear most people tell others about Reptile Bliss, they usually describe it as a “reptile rescue”. I’ve heard others add “and sanctuary for reptiles”. While those are both a big part of what Reptile Bliss does, there is a whole lot more to it!

Probably the best description, if you had to give it a short one, for Reptile Bliss would be “An animal care facility, with active educational/outreach programs”.

To me, that’s still a bit vague to most people that don’t already work with us and our efforts, so maybe a little longer description – the one from the Reptile Bliss Facebook page – will be a little more complete:

“The Reptile Bliss Resort is a private care facility and rescue network triage for reptiles. Some of our services include boarding, outpatient care, feeding/behavioral therapy, animal welfare transport services, and animal control support services.”

In addition, Reptile Bliss has an extremely active educational/outreach program to help bring these amazing animals to the public. Trade shows, public events, schools, museums… the list goes on.

Reptile Bliss actively supports local S.T.E.M. programs for area schools, educational camps put on by our local science/tech museums and other educational organizations, and offers free seminars/training and support to our area first responders/emergency services.

I could go on for quite a while, but I think you get the idea, so I will simply direct you to the website ReptileBliss.org and the Reptile Bliss Facebook page for more details.

My purpose in adding this page to my website is just to let you know WHY it is so important to me to support the care facility and it’s programs, and why I decided to create “Angie’s Snake Shed Jewelry” as one of the ways I can help get Reptile Bliss through the hard times the whole world has seen over the last year or so.

With everything shut down, and the social distancing requirements that we face moving forward, ALL public fundraisers have been canceled for Reptile Bliss (90% of the financial support for the effort). So, while we all are working to restructure how Reptile Bliss will raise funds in the future, I ask you to consider some beautiful jewelry made from the sheds of these beautiful and amazing animals – the wonderful creatures you will be helping to care for in their time of need.

Thank you so much for all of your support!

I am still putting this page together, so for now, contact me directly through my Facebook page to order!

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